20 years of Social Technology

There are many achievements and milestones during this time. Thank you very much to all the people and entities for making them possible and for joining us in the new challenges that lie ahead.

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Technology at the service of people

Our goal is to address the needs of vulnerable people and provide social responses through technological innovation through ICTs in a responsible manner.

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Group of senior people attending computer and technology education class


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Social Technologies Foundation - Tecsos
Social Technologies Foundation - Tecsos19 2024 June
🚀 Flow to the Future promotes STEAM talent and vocations in students, with a special focus on girls, through various projects and challenges. 🌟🔬

#SIM5 It is one of those projects in which the students have worked for months developing their initiatives to address social challenges through their knowledge, with the support of mentors from the Flow to the Future stakeholder network, among which is @RedCrossYouth. 🤝🌟

The final touch of #SIM5 These are the visits of all participating students to Flow to the Future partner entities and companies, where they can learn about innovative projects, new ways of working and methodologies. Yesterday, the students visited the Red Cross central office and the laboratory @Tecsos. 🏢🔍

#FlowToTheFuture #STEAM #Innovation #Education #RedCrossYouth #Tecsos #SocialChallenges #STEAMTalent #FutureSTEAM
Social Technologies Foundation - Tecsos
Social Technologies Foundation - Tecsos17 2024 June
Have you heard of social robotics? What benefits it offers us, how it can help vulnerable people or what challenges the relationship between people and machines poses are some of the topics that will be addressed in the #humanitarianconversations from the Spanish Red Cross Foundation that you can't miss today at 16:00 p.m. here. https://www.youtube.com/live/9bHHugSCGIs?si=iR2q85ocQAHfYHvb
Since 2002 the Spanish Red Cross and Vodafone Spain Foundation have joined forces creating the Tecsos Foundation, to […]


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