Augmented Reality and Hospitalized Children

Augmented Reality application to the animation activities of Red Cross Youth volunteers for hospitalized children.

Imagen entamar

Social Technologies Foundation, TECSOS and the Red Cross Youth are working together using Augmented Reality in the project "Attention to Hospitalized Childhood and home intervention with minors in medium and long-term diseases". The project, managed by volunteers of Red Cross Youth, carries out activities of school support and free time for children in the process of diagnosis, and the treatment of a long-term illness.

It is in this scenario where TECSOS and Red Cross Youth has incorporated the application "entamAR", as a tool with children in this difficult situation can develop their creativity and their activity taking advantage of all the potential that this technology has.

The "entamAR" application, developed on a proprietary platform called Onirix by Neosentec is applied in two use scenarios. The first one, is a tool to improve the activities of the volunteers with different games (clues, cluedo, escape room) will be designed in the common areas of the hospital with elements of Augmented Reality for the boys and girls. The second scenario is more focused on the appropriation of the hospital space: the possibility of introducing virtual and 2D elements in order to personalize the rooms and other areas of the hospital.

The project is in the pilot phase during the first semester of 2019, in the “HUCA Hospital” in Oviedo and in the “Fé Hospital” in Valenciawith the expectation of extending it during the second semester.



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