Projects in progress

  • IoT project logo

    Internet of Things and future home.

  • Project logo

    Reframing skills for senior carers through the use of technology.

  • Logo Proyecto Red Social Innovation

    International Resource Centre for Social Innovation

  • Project logo

    We work on prospecting the use of virtual assistants to support the active and independent life of vulnerable people

  • Project logo

    TECSOS participates in the "Technology with Superpowers" Service-Learning Office project together with UPM and Autofabricantes

  • Project logo

    Prediction and management of pandemic crises inside and outside European borders

  • logo del proyecto

    Cooperative geolocation for humanitarian purposes

  • Imagen del proyecto

    5G for vulnerable groups: Improved adherence to therapeutic treatment in the elderly through an Affective Avatar

  • Imagen Dron

    5G for vulnerable groups: Rescuing people with drones

  • Logotipo del Proyecto Ghost

    European Project which ensures security in the Advanced Teleassistance services provided within digital homes

  • Imagen entamar

    Augmented Reality application to the animation activities of Red Cross Youth volunteers for hospitalized children.

  • Equipo de Teleasistencia Móvil Accesible

    TECSOS has participated in the innovation process of the first accessible mobile telecare application for deafblind people

  • Logotipo EIP on AHA

    TECSOS participates in the group C2 of the European Cluster of Innovation in Active and Healthy Aging EIP on AHA.

  • Activage Project Logo

    TECSOS participates in the European project ACTIVAGE along with a great number of partners to test the interoperability of different solutions to...

  • Special 5th year Orientatech logo

    Orientatech is a meeting point where users have access to detailed information and analysis from a technical and social point of view of technology...

Projects Completed

  • Logotipo del Proyecto RV.OMMM

    RV.Ommm: Relaxation through Virtual Reality

  • An open and free mobile tele-assistance protocol

  • Logotipo del Proyecto Smart Assist

    Intelligent, ubiquitous and accessible telecare

  • Sistemas para erradicar y gestionar de forma unitaria el riesgo de agresión a las mujeres en España

  • Recogida del Premio FICOD 2010 al Mejor Proyecto para la Inclusión Digital

    Desarrollo y pilotaje un de un punto de encuentro para personas mayores a través del televisor